Water means life

Water is one of the most important things in human life. We would like to make our students conscious of its great importance and aware of dangers caused by lack of water.

Curiosities and newscasts


We have partnered with the University of Warsaw, Laboratory of Electrochemistry. Within the cooperation chemical workshops were carried out for our students. Ms. Magdalena Osial, PhD– the researcher of the University conducted the laboratory classes. During the classes, our students carried out various experiments concerning water, thus they deepened their knowledge on the theme and developed the ability of conducting chemical experiments. Having got to know some curiosities concerning water, we are inspired to learn Chemistry!


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Chemistry workshops by etwinning on Photosynth


Chemistry workshops in Zawiercie by etwinning on Photosynth



We get to know interesting facts concerning water and deepen our knowledge of different subjects. We search for information on the Internet as well as ask questions to our teachers. Getting to know new curiosities makes us interested in the world and its mysteries. We conduct interviews and prepare newscasts.


Let's get to know some curiosities about water!




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We are recording newscasts about sea animals in captivity in Zoos different from those ones which live in wildlife. A trainer was said to be attacked by an orca in Loro Park, Tenerife. This annormal behaviour is caused by the stress of being captive. Zoos do not save species from extinction.











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Why do ships sail, not sink?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that ships sail. Taking into consideration their size and weight they should have sunk immediately... but actually they don't. How is it so? Why? Archimedes found the answer. How is the Archimedes' principle applied? We will try to answer these questions in our materials. Don’t hesitate to see them!




Have you ever thought about why do ships float? by etwinningAW on GoAnimate










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