Natural disasters connected with water

  • Water can be also dangerous! It is the natural element which we are not able to fight with. Natural disasters have been bothering us since the beginning of humanity, although it seems that nowadays we experience them more often. I think it may be caused by the activity of human who, as time goes by, interfere with the nature more and more. Unfortunately, the four elements which usually seem to be under control, one of which is certainly water,  sometimes go out of it and prove human will never be able to control them completely.

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    Some reports from Germany

    In 1962 it came to a flood disaster on the north coast in Germany. In the lower courses of the Elbe, the Weser and the not secure tributaries earlier observed water stands were not reached there before.
    Especially hard the unterelbe area with the Hanseatic town Hamburg was concerned where the part of town Wilhelm's castle was affected very much. There were a total of 315 deaths.
    The cause of the propagation of the disaster in Hamburg were strong town planning and administrative-organizational mistakes, above all hire with dykes and other flood control facilities.
    Ship average in that sews of the Hamburg harbour
    The container ship "CSCL Indian Ocean" is in that sews of the Hamburg harbour near Stade accumulated. To release the ship again a difficult underpinned is the reason of the Elbe is relatively level and the ship is not completely loaded sometimes roughly. Around that read by the containers to reduce a big swimming crane would have to be requested, however, it is complicated very much and time-consuming. The inquiries of the Wasserschutpolizei prove an oar damage the misfortune has caused. Because the oar arrangements from several independent hydraulic systems exists it can be only one computer mistake. There navigate could become with specific sideways press from the situation herausman뿯½vriert. The Reperaturarbeiten will require bigger repeair. Diver weren to the body of the ship.
    Heavy storm in North Rhine-Westphalia
    In the district of Wesel close to Oberhausen there a dam by the extremely strong rainfall threatens to break. The waterlevel of the Issel  increased, approximate by about 2 metres. Although the dam of the issel is severaly weakend by the water nobody is injured until yet. 1000 workers try to stop the water with sandbags. The head of the district authority has exclaimed that the crisis forced him  to call for help for his own firefighters by THW. he said: “a danger for our  inhabitants is stoped now. The Issel  fire brigade digged a side ditch that the water can go to the grassland.

    Natural disasters





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    Mechanical Octopus
    By using four pairs of legs the machine can move like a sea creature. It has a streamlined shape and limp body, so that it moves with the ocean currents. The octopus can reach any place on the seabed, so it effectively cleanses the seas and oceans from pollution. The robot does not need any fuel, never gets tired, so it is very efficient. It is not only harmless to the environment but it is also safe for people. Moreover, the energy of water gives the octopus the power to get out water, sail on its surface or even fly in the air in case of natural disasters like tsunami or tidal wave. So that during the disasters, the octopus is ready to attach people to its body and save them.


    Mechanical octopus in Golems



    The sea of clouds is an amazing natural phenomenon caused by the Trade Winds that gently push the clouds against the hilltops causing the air moisture to condense: it mainly occurs in northern and northeastern areas of Tenerife between 600 and 1800 metres of altitude. Above this height, the warmer, drier winds prevent the clouds from rising. The low yearly sunshine and the high humidity rate limit the drying of laurel  vegetation during the dry periods and supply plants with water in a phenomenon known as “horizontal rain”: the trees themselves generate a type of rain. They absorb the tiny drops of humidity carried by the mist, which in turn pass through the tree’s pores and when the branches are saturated they begin to drip and thus pass moisture to the soil. Some examples are Garoé Tree ( El Hierro),laurel forests: Anaga Forest (Tenerife) and  The National Park Of Garajonay ( La Gomera),etc