Water means life

Water is one of the most important things in human life. We would like to make our students conscious of its great importance and aware of dangers caused by lack of water.

Water energy

Water energy

Water energy is one of the five renewable green energy sources. Water energy or hydro-energy is divided in 3 main categories: the hydroelectric energy, tidal energy and wave energy with the last two being categorized under the category of Ocean energy.

Hydropower has now become the best source of electricity on earth. It is produced due to the energy provided by moving or falling water. Most of the countries now have hydropower as the source of major electricity producer.

The main benefit of the hydropower is that no air or water pollutants are produced. The water used does not contaminate the air or water by producing harmful wastes.  No greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are produced which makes this source of energy environment-friendly. It prevents us from the danger of global warming.

The hydropower does not use any fuel or fossil fuels. The natural balance in an ecosystem is not disturbed.


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Renewable energy - Tidal energy


The Hierro Island Reservoir



Thanks to water energy the pump and water turbine constructed for us work.

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Author: Justyna Kukulka
Last editor: Szymon Szuba