Water safety

  • Unusual lesson on safety on water

    with the president of Voluntary Rescue Service in Zawiercie branch

    During the unusual lesson we discussed the matter of safety on the water. Mr Kręgiel presented us the rules we need to follow not to drown in the water. He stressed that the choice of proper place to swim in is crucial in the summer. We need to find out if the swimming area has been checked by the Department of Sanitation, and if there are lifeguards there. During winter we must realize that ice is dangerous we we mustn’t walk on it. Moreover, the ice is thinner during the day than during the night because of the sun.

    We got to know contemporary rescue equipment like, for example: buoy SP called pamelka; rescue belt Wegorz; heaving lines; rescue turnstile; lifebuoy; rowing boat Belka, etc.

    Mr Kręgiel demonstrated us some rescue actions as well as showed the most efficient techniques of saving people from water. We could also try some of them. He also reminded us first aid. We learnt a lot but at the same time had a lot of fun.  This extraordinary lesson is something we will remember for a long time.





    While being by the water, you need to behave in a proper way. You should always remember that water can be dangerous. You must follow safety rules. Take a look at our prompts:












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    The Robot's name is Strong Rock. It destroys huge rocks which are in seas or oceans. It's really helpful because there are a lot of water accidents caused by rocks. It crashes rocks and can clean the seabed, too. This robot saves people's lives.


    The robot to save people from water przez kukjustina