• The participants of the second students meeting in Poland conducted a lesson about healthy lifestyles and the environment in an English class.

    A short summary written by Tina, year 9 student, participant of the 2nd students meeting in Poland:

    We (Tina and Maija, year 9 students) started the lesson by introducing the project subject.

    We told our classmates everything about the project, starting with the departure from Riga to Poland and ending with getting back to Latvia.

    We told them about getting divided into groups and working on our projects. Also, we talked about the food, the farm we went to, the lecture with an actor and the lecture with an immigrant from Africa.

    We explained why the goodbyes were very emotional and sad.

    After that, we moved on to the more fun stuff. We showed our class the drama video about leading a healthy/unhealthy lifestyle. Then we divided the class into groups and asked them to share opinions about what positive and negative aspects of lifestyle they had seen. Afterwards they had to predict how the healthy/unhealthy people's lives would change after a while. When it was done, I and Maija collected the ideas, read them out loud, and the class discussed them. Some of the predictions were quite reasonable.

    There was still some time left, so we decided to offer the class a problem-solving activity which we had done in Poland. It was about thinking "out of the frame" where there were nine dots that had to be connected only by using 4 lines.

    The teams tried completing the task, but all of them failed. I showed them how the puzzle was supposed to look like and reminded of the importance of finding original solutions to problems.

    In the end we thanked our class for participating in this and being a part of our project.