• Auguste-Viktoria-Schule:

    In the entrance hall pictures of all members of the student council are on display, so that all students know who to turn to.


    The student body

    The members of the student body:

    This year’s student body consists of 16 students, 2 of them are male and the other 14 are female. The students are between 15 and 18 years old.

    Why the students are in the student body and how they are chosen:

    All the students in the student body joined it voluntarily and the main reason as to why is the interest in organizing activities and representing the rest of the students at school.

    The members of the body are elected by the class representatives from class 5 to 11.

    After a short presentation of themselves and asummary of their aims the representatives are free to elect any of the students they deem worthy.


    Planned and carried out activities this year:

    This year’s activities which we planned and have already carried out are in chronological order:

    - AChocolate Santa Activity annually on St. Nicholas’ Day: We give chocolate Santa Clauses to 5th and 6th graders in return for Christmas carols or poems.

    As Christmas is the time of love and sympathy, chocolate is a perfect way of sharing our love with the little ones.

    - A party for the lower grades: Annually we succesfully organise a party which has a different theme every year.

    The partyallows the students to release their stress and gives them a better association to school

    How does the student body contribute to democracy in our society?

    It actually already does by simply existing as it makes it possible for students to take part in important votes in the school committee.

    What are you learning about influencing decision - making processes in your area?

    We have learned how important it is to brainstorm ideas before carrying out an activity and how many things there are to consider.

    We also learned that communication with the other bodies is essential and the key to a successful project.

    Written by Abdallah, a member of the student body