• Dundaga Vidusskola

    Students’ Council in Dundaga Secondary School


    There are about 20 participants in the Students’ Council. Everybody from year 8 to year 12 is allowed and welcomed to take part and join us. We are the voice of our students, connection between them and teachers.

    Mostly we organise school events to make school life more interesting. Some of the events have become a tradition, for example, “The Night Track” which is held every October and Christmas prom. Some events change – we think of new ones making new traditions. There are 4 bigger events (every semester) and some smaller ones (like contests, workshops etc.) all year long.

    But the entertainment is not our only responsibility. We represent our school in events in other towns and schools, collaborate with other youth organisations and student councils.

    One of our goals is to help others and promote charity work around our students. Every year before Christmas we ask students to make presents for families with low income and elderly people. Then we, Students’ Council, give these presents to them. Also this year we announced donation collection for animal shelter – students donated food, dishes, blankets, old clothing and other useful things for cats and dogs. Then we delivered donations to animal shelter, played with animals, took them for a walk. It was such a happy but also really sad day, but we were glad for doing this.

    We want to improve school life of our students, make it interesting, different and creative; improve cooperation between students and teachers; represent school to attract more students; and make friendly school environment for everyone.

    Next year we hope to see even more students in Students’ Council meetings with new and original ideas, and passion to make our school better!