Getting-to-know activities

  • Every national team prepared a getting-to-know activitiy.

    1) German activitiy: speed dating

    Please speak for half a minute about 1. your hobbies, 2. pets or why you haven't got any, 3. your favourite place to be, 4. favourite subjects

    5. least favourite subject, 6. what you like about school, 7. where you would like to travel to, 8. favourite movie, 9. favourite singer or band,

    10. favourite animal, 11. favourite food, 12. favourite sport, 13. something you have never done, 14. something you would never do

    15. something you would really like to do


    2) Estonian activity: name memory game in two circles

    3) Swedish activity: opinion line on true/false statements

    4) Latvian activity: saying ones name combined with a movement

    5) Polish activity: catching a seat in a circle