• Tallinna 21.Kool

    The roots of the Estonian School student Councils’ Union date back to the year 1996, when the Gustav Adolf Grammar school, the 21st Secondary School of Tallinn, Tallinn English College, Tallinn French Lyceum and Tallinn Secondary Science School decided to create a five schools cooperation union, which became the first sub-organization of the future Estonian School Student Councils’ Union.

    In our school the student Council is a voluntary student body with students from Year 9 to Year 12, three representatives from each class.
    The Student Council is guided by the school statutes, contracts between the school administration and student council and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
    We represent our pupils, stand up for their interests, and promote the learning environment and school life. We stand for the preservation of student unions and support their development. We conform to school traditions and promote new ideas;
    improve cooperation between students and teachers and involve alumni.
    In order to achieve our aims, we organise round tables, seminars, researches and organise various projects.