Together for the World Environmental Day : June 5th

  • This year, The World Environmental Day's Theme is beating plastic pollution.

    I/ Let's watch together these videos about plastic polution :

    - Those for the younger pupils :

    Ocean of the future


    Plastic planet



    Watching them in France :

    - This one for the older pupils




    II /All the participant schools make a collaborative poster about Environment Day

    Our collaborative poster :



         Vilkaviskis Kindergarten ,,Pasaka" Lithuania
    10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece
    Students drew in a worksheet 4 ways to save our planet..
    Firstly, we must put buckets across all beaches, secondly we must plant trees, thirdly we must go to the school on foot and finally we must throw the recyclable materials into the recycling bins..

    Kindergarten of Aljustrel - Portugal
    My children after viewing the videos wanted to record a message to show their partners and parents!


    France, Ecole Herriot

    MS and GS created posters.

    The ocean that we want to have in the future :

    The ocean that we don't want to have in the future :