Our collaborative story about Children's rights

  • 1. Let's vote our favorite painting among all these that refer to the rights of the child.


    And, here is the final results....

    Which painting is our pupils' favourite one? 



    2. Let's define the row for the writing of the painting's story.

    These were the results after we turned the wheel

    1st class:France GS

    2nd class:Portugal

    3rd class:France Ms

    4th class:Lituânia

    5th class:Liti Thessaloniki 2

    6th class:Liti Thessaloniki 1

    7th class:Neapoli Thessaloniki


    3. Let's write our story in meeting words :     http://meetingwords.com/Q84RQAvOBo



    And this is our collaborative story completed!!!!!




    In our collaborative story, GS' Pupils from France decided that children were in "le lac du Der"/ Der lake.

    It really exists : this lake is located in our Haute-Marne department, it is an hour drive from Chaumont our city.

    It's the largest artificial lake in Europe and in automn birds called "grues cendrées" migrate to our lake before Spain.