Our cooking results !!!

  • France : Class MS cooking Greek little olive-breads:

    Pupils and their parents loved it ;-))




    France : Class GS cooking Greek Fruits in sticks  :





    10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece cooking Lithuanian Fruit salad :

    Students prepared the Vilkaviskis Kindergarten's  "Pasaka"  from Lithuania recipe.

    Thank you for this special recipe! It was really delicious !!!


    1st Liti's Kindergarten cooking a French quiche : 

    Great day ! Great celebration ! Great recipe !

    Thank you all !!!!


    Vilkaviskis kindergarten "Pasaka", Lithuania cooking Portuguese Roasted apple with cinnamon:

    Students prepared the Kindergarten of Aljustrel Portugal recipe.

    Thank you for this special recipe !



    Kindergarten of Aljustrel, Portugal cooking Greek Fruits in sticks:


    Our children decided to make the recipe for 10th Kindergarten of Neapoli, Thessaloniki Greece. They loved and thanked your recipe.


    Fruits in sticks from Guilhermina Brotas on Vimeo.