Together for etwinning day : May 9th

  • The 9th of May marks eTwinning Day and the end of the Spring Campaign. We invite all eTwinners to join and celebrate eTwinning’s annual theme, Cultural Heritage.

    To celebrate eTwinning and Cultural Heritage in schools, we are inviting teachers to get creative with their students and recreate a European artwork of their choice!

    In 1st Liti's Kindergarten in Greece pupils recreated the painting "The harbor of Kalamata" by Konstantinos Parthenis in Mrs Sophia's class:


    and in Mrs Angelina' class pupils recreated the painting "Imaginary space" by Konstantinos Vakalopoulos:


    In France, as our teacher Christelle went "Lascaux", we recreate the paintings from th prehistoric men :

    Vilkaviškis Kindergarten ,,Pasaka" Lithuania

    Etvinning day child creation outside....

    Group created a book etvinning day...

    10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece

    Students reproduced Jean Simeon Chardin's  painting...

    and drew, as they could, this painting..

    Jean Simeon Chardin, Saying Grace from Έφη Μπακή

    Kindergarten of Aljustrel  Potugal

    We worked with painters Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian. The children made a painting / art work based on a work of each artist, resulting in this collective painting