Our recipes...step by step

  • Partners, please, add your recipes here, so as to create our european collaborative cookbook!

    • 1st Liti's Kindergarten, Thessaloniki Greece


    • Classe de MS, Ecole Edouard Herriot,France

    French "quiche"  : a salty pie

    Ingredients for the pie dough : 1 teaspoon of chimical baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, 100 ml of vegetal oil, 100 ml of hot water, 250 g of flour for all purposes (maybe you will need a bit more flour)

    Ingredients for the inside of the pie : 200 g of gib/bacon, 3 eggs, 20 cl of fresh cream, 20 cl of milk, 150 g of grated Emmenthal (French cheese).

    We cooked it on Friday to show you how to cook it. We ate it and we loved it , we hope you will enjoy it too !




    • Kindergarten of Aljustrel, Portugal


    • 10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece

    Students prepared a healthy and easy recipe to present to other schools, so as to make it! They used fruits as red apples, grapes without kernels, bananas and pears! Firsty, we cleaned carefully all the fruits and cut them in pieces. Then, the students put different pieces of fruits on skewers. Our fruits on skewers are ready to taste and offer to parents! We wish to all of you good luck!! 


    •                                  Vilkaviskis Kindergarten "Pasaka" Lithuania