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    Little olive-breads 1st Liti's Kindergarten, Thessaloniki Greece Classe MS, Ecole Edouard Herriot, France
    Fruits in sticks 10th Kindergarten of Neapoli, Thessaloniki Greece

    Classe GS, Ecole Edouard Herriot, France 

    Kindergarten of Aljustrel, Portugal

    Fruit salad

    Vilkaviskis kindergarten "Pasaka", Lithuania

    10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece
    A "quiche" Classe de MS, Ecole Herriot, Chaumont France 1st Liti's Kindergarten
    Roasted apple with cinnamon Kindergarten of Aljustrel, Portugal

    Vilkaviskis kindergarten "Pasaka", Lithuania