“IT or not IT?” Reaching our goals equipped with modern tools.

This is an Erasmus + KA2 program which focuses to increase teachers and students use of new technology by sharing efficient ICT-education methods and develop the social and personal skills of the students through interactive and cooperative activities. This will make them aware of how important personal and social development is and how they can us...

Evaluation of the ICT Tools

During the project we learned 30 different IT tools. All of them are in the "BANK OF ICT TOOLS"  in form of tutorial made by students who are project members.

After the first meeting, the questionnaire about value of learning and teaching of each tool has been made in one of the newly learned tool – Google survey. The hypothesis we stated was that IT tools are helpful in teaching/learning and that IT tools make those processes more interesting. The questionnaire was addressed to students and teachers – members of the project and other students and teachers from partner schools. They had to evaluate different aspects of certain IT tool – level of difficulty to learn it, need of help in learning it, value of tutorial made by students for learning it, level of difficulty in using it for learning and teaching and implementation of certain tool in learning or teaching. In the questionnaire, participants also should assess if the tool makes lessons more interesting, if it is a good idea to integrate it into the teaching/learning process and in which subjects it is the most applicable.

Result of the Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of the evaluation of the ICT tools learned during the project.

Graphical presentation of the results



Author: Andromachi Pieridou
Last editor: Andromachi Pieridou