“IT or not IT?” Reaching our goals equipped with modern tools.

This is an Erasmus + KA2 program which focuses to increase teachers and students use of new technology by sharing efficient ICT-education methods and develop the social and personal skills of the students through interactive and cooperative activities. This will make them aware of how important personal and social development is and how they can us...


The bank of ICT tools is the physical outcome of the cooperation. 

Here are presented all the explored tools. Students’ presentations, documentation and methodological materials are uploaded in the “Bank of ICT tools”. 

Practical workshops are held, where students learn how to use these tools. This is done during international Learning/Teaching Activities and also in all partner schools between the visits.

After the presentation of each ICT tool, the students and teachers evaluate it, through on line questionnaire.

The list of ICT tools we have explored

  1. Movie Maker 
  2. Moovly 
  3. PowToon
  4. Padlet 
  5. Prezi
  6. Glogster
  7. Stormboard
  8. GeoGebra
  9. MonkeyJam
  10. Kahoot
  11. Publisher 
  12. Dropbox
  13. How to make a survey in Google
  14. GameMaker
  15. Endomondo
  16. Voki
  17. Audacity
  18. Facebook
  19. BioDigital 
  20. Comic Master
  21. Quiz Maker 
  22. Weebly
  23. Line.do
  24. LinoIT
  25. AnswerGarden
  26. Pixton 
  27. Duolingo 
  28. Joomag
  29. Piktochart
  30. Google maps



Author: Andromachi Pieridou
Last editor: Andromachi Pieridou