“IT or not IT?” Reaching our goals equipped with modern tools.

This is an Erasmus + KA2 program which focuses to increase teachers and students use of new technology by sharing efficient ICT-education methods and develop the social and personal skills of the students through interactive and cooperative activities. This will make them aware of how important personal and social development is and how they can us...

Our schools

Indroduction of our schools 

Vos a sos Breznice - Czech Repuplic 

                         School  Webpage http://www.sbrez.cz


Zespol Szkol "Silesia" - Poland 

                        School  Webpage  http://www.zssilesia.edu.pl/www/


Perifereiako Lykeio Palaiometochou M.Koutsofta- A Panagidi - Cyprus 

                       School  Webpage http://lyk-palaiometocho-lef.schools.ac.cy/


Presentation of the Palaiometocho Lyceum. Video prepared by the students Andreas Tsampalas and Gregory Christodoulou 


The vidieo presents some activities of Palaiometocho Lyceum during the 2013-2014 academic year. These activities include the school conference, national day celebrations, music, dance and art evens, charity evens and training for emergency action.

Maria Reina Eskola - Spain

                        School  Webpage http://www.mariareinaeskola.com/


Srednja skola Bedekovcina - Croatia

                   School Webpage http://www.ss-bedekovcina.skole.hr//

Author: Andromachi Pieridou
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