“IT or not IT?” Reaching our goals equipped with modern tools.

This is an Erasmus + KA2 program which focuses to increase teachers and students use of new technology by sharing efficient ICT-education methods and develop the social and personal skills of the students through interactive and cooperative activities. This will make them aware of how important personal and social development is and how they can us...

Our group

Group picture from the 5th Learning activity in Czech Republic


Group Picture from the 4th learning activity in Cyprus

Group Picture from the 3th learning activity in Spain


Group picture from the 2nd learning activity in Croatia


Group picture from the 1st learning activity in Poland


Greetings from Poland!

Hello from Cyprus!!!

Hello from Spain!! We all are going to participate in the project!!!


Croatia group!!! Eat or IT???Eat and IT...

Author: Andromachi Pieridou
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