“IT or not IT?” Reaching our goals equipped with modern tools.

This is an Erasmus + KA2 program which focuses to increase teachers and students use of new technology by sharing efficient ICT-education methods and develop the social and personal skills of the students through interactive and cooperative activities. This will make them aware of how important personal and social development is and how they can us...

Project Journal

  • On the 31st of May, when we celebrated our School day, students - members in IT or not IT project, presented some of IT tools learned during 2 years. We made really IT day in school hall, with high tables, project tablets and very proffessional and educated „teachers“. Real teachers turned to students and they walking around looking for the IT tool which could help them to make more creative and interesting classes. Also, other students of our school and students of two local primary schools came to learn how to use some IT tools to improve their learning. The atmosphere was very working, but relaxed and all participants on the both sides really enjoyed and exchange experiences, new knowledge and new skills.
    We also made flyers about our IT day and gave it to all visitors...


    - Posted by Tatjana Papst, 06.06.2016

  • During the 4th Learning activity in Cyprus, Cypriot students dance with the guest students and teachers Greek dance "Syrtaki’.
    Enjoy the vidio

    - Posted by Andromachi Pieridou, 28.04.2016

  • Students from Paliometocho Lyceum in Cyprus present our project to a live broadcast in a program in Cyprus TV.
    Very proud of you guys.

    - Posted by Andromachi Pieridou, 28.04.2016

  • Geogebra was implemented in teaching of some teachers in Srednja škola Bedekovčina. Have a look at the video!

    - Posted by Tatjana Papst, 24.03.2016

  • Today, at Paliometocho Lyceum, during lesson of French, we have use the ICT tool presented by Spain's school, to create our talking characters.

    2015-12-17 10.42.58.jpg

    - Posted by Andromachi Pieridou, 17.12.2015