2nd project meeting

  • We had the 2nd project meeting in Bulgaria at the same time as the staff trainning C5, so we attended at some activities together.

    Partner schools presented reflections on the implementation of workshops "Me and You". We came to the conclusion that the students like the workshops, but some of them are quite demanding for them, especially in terms of the effort that some require (thinking about yourself, emotions, exposing positive qualities). From the reflection of the teachers, it was clear that the implementation of these workshops makes sense. We also agreed that it is difficult to conduct workshops with a large number of students in a class.
    We also reviewed the analysis of conflict situations, which we performed on the basis of recording conflict situations between students involved in the project and the activities we carry out at each school to disseminate our project and project results.
    At the project meeting, we conducted a workshop with partners using the tool Effect +, which we had previously met at the training of the national agency Cmepius.

    We participated in a press conference with the host school, students and parents. A presentation of our project and project activities was published on local television.
    The head of the Bulgarian school introduced us to the Otherness project, the material of which can be used. The workshops they have developed reinforce skills related to social and civic competences and cultural awareness and expression. Their project activities are related to educating students for tolerance, expression and understanding of different attitudes and a sense of empathy, for which we also strive.

    We also reviewed the financial part of the project and agreed on further activities in more detail.