Project dissemination

  • We have a Facebook account showing everything we do in the project:

    Meyousociety Erasmus Plus

    In Spain we have created a blog with all the details of the project: clic here.

    In Slovenia we created a web site with all informations about the project:

    Students' meeting in Slovenia was broadcast on Slovenian TV (RTV 4) !!! WATCH

    We also talk about students' meeting in Slovenia on the Radio Koper. LISTEN

    Slovenian teachers can follow us on Slovenian education network

    - project start

    - 1st year

    - 2nd year

    - meeting in Slovenia


    We participated on Erasmus+days. On Friday, 11th October 2019, we had a meeting - a presentation about the student's reflecion and selfreflection.

    A teacher training took place at our school where we presented them the aims of our project and the 1st and 2nd part of the programe More than a diploma.