Workshops Me and You

  • This second year of the project we are dealing with “You and Me”. Some of them are described here:

    1. workshop: “What’s hiding in my name?”

    They have used the letters of their names to think of positive qualities about themselves in order to know themselves better, and increase their self-esteem.

    2. workshop: “Words that Help”

    All the students tried to make their classmates feel better, telling and emphasizing all their qualities.

    All these good qualities were written and put in a visible place in the classroom, so everybody can read them whenever they want to have positive thoughts.

    3. workshop: “The human chain”

    The aim of this activity is that students learn that it is possible to empathize with people who are different from us.

    Students sat in a circle and commented on the differences with the classmate sitting on their left, and then the similarities with the one on the right.

    After that, they reflected on the fact that even though we are different (physically, personally, etc.) we must accept and respect each other.

    4. workshop: “Identity and Society”

    The main objective was that students realized that we always organize groups in a specific way. Moreover, we reflected on our feelengs when we are accepted or rejected by a group, and on how much groups influence on our dentity bulilding.


    Workshop 9: "Hands on the land"

    Students are placed in line in front of a rope. When the teacher says 'Hands on the sea' everybody place their hands in the water (the floor bet ween the students and the rope). 

    When the teacher says 'hands on the land everybody put their hands out of the rope.

    When the teacher says 'hands on the coast every student puts their hands on the rope.

    The orders are getting faster and faster.

    If someone makes a mistake, he/she goes out of the rope.

    The aim of this activity is to increase concentration, to learn to be relaxed and to have fun with their classmates.


    workshop 6: 'Appreciating those behind the scenes'

    This workshop tries to promote attitudes of empathy in the classroom
    and in the whole school, understand other’s perspectives, appreciate small everyday details, build different ways of thank people.

    Each student writes a letter giving thanks to someone of the school staff, (cleaning staff, cooks, waiters, concierge, maintenance staff, school keeper, etc...). Students read their letter and all the people conclude how important are people who surround us, whatever their job or position is.

    Students can use a template like this one attached:


    Exercise: Learning from those behind the scenes
    I____________________________________  am grateful for _______________________
    _______________________________________ (name why or for whom you are grateful)
    ___________________________. ______________________________. Without
    ____________________________ (name who you thank)
    ___________________________________________________ (describe how things would be without that or that person).
    So THANK YOU for
    _________ ________________________________________ (describe what they do and how it impacts your life and name at least two things you can do to support them).


    THE 3 URNS
    This workshop will help students to understand each other better, and will also promote empathy and mutual help.

    The teacher shows 3 urns, boxes, chests, etc. Each one has a label on it:
    - I would like to overcome ...
    - I regret ...
    - One of my big problems is ...
    Each student takes a piece of paper and, anonymously, writes the end of each
    sentence and introduces it in the box.
    After that, the teacher takes out the papers from each box and everybody tries to
    give a solution for the problem.
    This activity is good for understanding each other, and students can fell well
    because they may feel understood and helped by their equals, even student who
    they admire.