C5 - Meeting in Bulgaria

  • A short-term joint staff training event took place at Elisaveta Bagriana Elementary School, Sliven in Bulgaria from Wednesday, May 29, 2019, to Friday, May 31, 2019. The meeting was attended by 4 school representatives from Slovenia and 4 school representatives from Spain.

    At the host school, the students greeted us with an enthusiastic “welcome”. They showed us traditional clothes, dancing and their school life.

    We were introduced to the "School for Parents" program, in which they organize various activities for students and their parents in order to increase connection between the school and parents and establish a relationship between parents and children, which has a positive impact on children's development and students' attitudes related to school. They showed us an example of a sports activity.

    We participated in the presentation of reflections on the workshops "Me and You" and in the presentation of the analysis of conflict situations. After presenting their way of resolving conflicts, the Bulgarian team concluded by saying that students are now more connected to each other.

    At the meeting in Bulgaria, we also spent a lot of time informally socializing and strengthening our language skills - we practiced English a lot. Sometimes we solved the language dilemma with Slovene or Bulgarian, as we found that some words are very similar (we also helped ourselves with Croatian). In communication with Spanish partners, the knowledge of Italian, which in some words is similar to Spanish, sometimes came to our aid.
    Bulgarian partners showed us many sights - we visited the Protestant church in the monastery of Kabila, the city of Sliven, the city of Burgas on the Black Sea, the city of Nessebar, where the old part of the city stands on a peninsula and is under UNESCO protection, the city of Plovdiv, which is, this year, the European capital of culture and the Bulgarian capital Sofia.