Filling the questionaires

  • In our project we will actively work in the field of raising the self-esteem of students in order to reduce peer violence.

    Students involved in the project filled the questionnaire "Analysis of youth self-evaluation" by the Institute for the Development of Personal Quality (

    Slovenian students filling the questionnaires:

    School pedagogue Irena Žorž Kisilak prepared a sociogram for both classes included in the project so that class teachers have the insight into the social structure of the class.

    Filling in the questionnaires in English was a great challenge for the students in Bulgaria. They were very excited and also they helped each other and commented on some of the questions. When the students have some difficulties, they searched for help from their English teacher .The students managed to learn some new words and phrases that are typical for other text styles.

    Also in Villa Fatima School, on the 17th of Novembre 2017, students filled the self esteeem questionaire. All the questinons were explained by the teacher to check that everybody understood them.