Each student received one penpal from another country. During the English lessions the students wrote a letter in which they briefly presented themselves and ask about celebration of the end of the year.They also created a greeting card.

    We exchanged letters and greeting cards at the international professional training that took place in December at our school.

    In today's time the writing of letters in paper form is a specialty and the reciving and opening such types of letters is a real experience. You can read the reflexions, how the students felt about it:

    "When I wrote the first letter, I felt a new friendship between me and my penpal. I was very relaxed and I was interested in what she would write to me. "

    "I got a letter that I expect it very much. I was very happy about the letter and I liked it, because I understood what my penpal wrote to me. "

    "When I was writing the letter, I was happy and full of energy. When I got it, I was happy, inpatiend and full of admiration. "

    "When I wrote to my penpal, I felt very happy. I have never written a greeting card or a letter to anyone else. It was nice for me to meet someone from far away and tell him something about myself. I was happy when I got her letter and a greeting card. I did not expect a singing song while opening my card. When I read her letter, it seemed to me, that she is a good girl, nice and I like that she is learnig how to dance ballet. I was very happy and I would like to hear her comment on my greeting card and letter. "

    "I felt good. It was interesting to write to someone I do not know. When I received the letter, it was nice to know that he also have a younger sister and a dog, just like me. "