C1 - Staff trainning in Slovenia

  • From the 11th to the 14th of December OŠ Milojke Štrukelj Nova Gorica again hosted the professional staff of the partner schools. Representatives of the Spanish school were project manager Juan Miguel Membrado Trilles and the school team project manager Francisco Javier Cantos Aldaz, and from the Bulgarian school the project manager Tatyana Nikolova and class teachers involved in the project, a teacher of Bulgarian, Veselin Muhtarova, and a teacher of mathematics, Elena Lyoleva. From Slovene school the participants were the project manager Suzana Harej, the school team project manager Mojca Klinec, pedagogue Irena Žorž Kisilak, social worker Lilijana Sulič, psychologist Doris Lozej and class teachers Majda Šuligoj and Tanja Kogoj. At the afternoon activities they also join us: the head master Janez Kobe and other members of the school project team Tanja Čutura, Katjuša Batič, Mirjam Florijančič and Tanja Batistič Poljšak.

    In the first year of the project, our mission is to prepare part 1 of the program More than a diploma. The title of this part is Who am I.

    On this short-term joint staff trainning event we attend the workshops on this topic to exchange good practice and be trainned to do this workshops with students.

    We spent a lot of time together, knowing each other, learning different languages and exploring Slovenia despite "bad" weather.