C4 - Meeting in Slovenia

  • Between 25th and 29th March students and teachers from Bulgaria and Spain were very welcome in Slovenia, in Nova Gorica. This week we were in"real" world together, trying to know each other better and together think about "virtual" world, how to stay safe in it. As they say in Slovene language: "Varen Jaz, varen Ti, safe.(v)si"! This was the slogan of this week.

    The first day of our meeting we officialy welcome our guest at our school, we had few workshops for know better each other, we had a workshop with use of moderen technology and think about safe use of internet. We finished the day gathered all together in school gym and have fun with Murat&Jose.

    Students visited a lot of interesting sites in Nova Gorica, the town where they stayed during the trip, and some other places nearby. They have learned a lot about slovenian culture and have had a good time with their new friends and host families.

    They have also done activities related to the main aims of our project: tolerance, respect for others, as well as the dangers of the Internet and social networks.

    It has been a pleasant experience for them not only in a personal way but also in an educational one.