• How we disseminated the project

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    Short link to the e-book: http://bit.ly/etw_tbc


    We presented our work to the rest of the pupils of the Greek school during the "open day" of school presentations on May 9


    The Greek and French teachers met in the Lycee Michelet (24-29/04/2017) for job shadowing activities and teaching assignment under the umbrella of erasmus+ KA1. It was a good opportunity to present our collaborative work to the rest of the teaching staff and the students and lay the foundations for future partnerships, involving teachers from other disciplines too. The French Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher welcomed the Greek teachers and agreed on the need to further our cooperation. The Move2Learn funding would be the perfect opportunity to continue exchanging face to face with our etwinning partners with a view to including every single students in this European experience.


    Our teachers went to ERA radio station and talked about our project and the teachers' meeting in France (Lycee Michelet) in April 2017


    Our project was awarded a Quality Label in France, well done everybody! We'll celebrate at school in September and post a few pics - stay tuned! :-)

    Project trailer for the French ceremony