• In this project, you will all be co-authors of an e-book and audiobook.

    You will be working in international teams of book creators.

    To find like-minded team-mates more easily, show who you are!


    1. Create a poster or collage to present yourself. It should be about you as a reader and future author. Then upload it to the dotstorming wall.

    Some guidelines for your collage or poster: your favourite book? your favourite author? your favourite genre? your favourite fictional character? your favourite villain? your favourite book hero(ine)? your favourite quote? your favourite childhood book? your 3 favourite words in the English language? a fictional place you'd like to travel to? period you'd like to live in if you were a fictional character? most important quality in a book hero(ine)? words you associate to reading? to writing? your definition of a "good book"? your favourite place and time to read? what does your bookshelf look like? your favourite movie? favourite song?....

    In this poster or collage, you can include key-words, photos, images, drawings... You can do it by hand and take a photo, or use a web tool like pizap, piktochart, canva, postermywall...


    2. Have a look at your partners' images, choose one and write a short story (otherwise known as flash fiction) (about 100 words) based on it. Post it in the comments section below the image on the dotstorming wall.

    1 collage = 1 story; so if a collage has already been storyfied, pick another one!

    "A story needs characters, and problems, and some kind of resolution for better or worse. You won't have room for a cast of thirty characters, or the kinds of intricate plotting you can weave through a novel. But what you have instead is a stage for something pure and strong. A short story, well written, can make its mark all the more clearly than a longer piece of work." Sophie Cooke, award-winning short story writer, novelist and poet.

    For more tips on how to write a short story, visit http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/writing/2015/08/five-things-writing-a-short-story

    And here (the plot as a pyramid) http://www.ohio.edu/people/hartleyg/ref/fiction/freytag.html

    We are challenging you to write a story in just 100 words. Sounds like a low word count? Well, while it can be difficult, it’s not impossible.


    A. use one of the other student’s poster as a prompt – to get you inspired (e.g. does this person seem adventurous, romantic, funny according to the information s/he includes in his/her poster etc)

    B. use the information of the poster to define WHO the main character of your story is, WHERE s/he is, WHAT s/he is doing

    C. all stories need a beginning, a middle, and an end

    D. try to come up with an original idea

    E. think about writing in an unexpected style maybe, surprise us!!


    Go with for it, write something you’re passionate about, and create something you’re proud of... in one hundred words!!


    3. Vote for your favourite story; explain your choice in the comments section below the image and story on the dotstorming wall.