• It will soon be time to publish your creative work for the world to enjoy!

    In teams:

    1. Create a Video Trailer to make people want to read your short story. Choose some images (make sure they are copyright-free! See toolbox), write a script, record the voice-over. The trailer should be short, as trailers usually are (1-2'), but it should make people want to read your story at once! Tools you can use: Adobe Spark video etc.

    2. Create some Interactive Activities to keep your readers entertained after they read your short story (crosswords, quizzes, puzzles, etc) and check they read it carefully! ;-) Tools: learningapps, kahoot, quizlet, quizziz etc.

    3. Create a Book Cover (front and back cover) and add some copyright-free illustrations to your short story to make it more attractive.

    4. Publish by putting all the elements together - publish in an interactive e-book (short story + audiobooks + trailers + covers + illustrations)

    What should you put into the e-book?

    1. a cover for your short story

    2. the trailer

    3. the list of words and expressions from the treasure box that you used

    4. the short story (illustrated)

    5. the link to the audiobook

    6. the link to the interactive quizz about your story

    7. the names of all the authors


    a) Click here to go to the collaboration page;

    b) write the name of your team colour (ex: violet / red / etc. - NO capital letters);

    c) add the pages you need from the menu on the left (stick to 1 colour for your team's work!) and fill them in (copy-paste the story, add the illustrations and the cover; add the links to: the audiobook, the book trailer and the interactive activities);

    d) when all is done, click on "send" (if not finished, just sign out so you can come back later and continue).


    Let's work as teams and share the tasks! Upload your productions on this padlet

    video trailers interactive activities book covers and illustrations publishing
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    deadline: 20th April 25th - 30th April 20th- 28th April

    this activity can only take place after other activities are done:

    May 3rd and May 5th


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