• The award ceremony will take place on Thursday June 1st from 10 to 11 a.m. CET

    The vote will be closed on Wednesday at 23:00 CET!

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    Prize categories:

    1. best short story (to be read again and again!):
    G.A.'s case by the Brown team
    2. most original & creative short story:
    Kanye and the Magical World by the Violet team
    3. best audiobook:
    G.A.'s case by the Brown team
    4. most visually attractive story (illustrations, layout, trailer, etc):
    Juicy by the Blue team
    5. best quiz:
    G.A.'s case by the Brown team
    6. most talented team of co-authors:
    Jelly's Adventures by the Red team
    7. special category: the oddest short story!:
    The Fridge Story by the Yellow team

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    You can download all 7 teams' awards here

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    The Meeting Agenda for the TELECONFERENCE - 01/06/2017 can be read here