• November: ice-breaking activities and teaming up

    PAGE 1. Break the ice

    PAGE 2. Storify me

    December: season's greetings

    PAGE 3. Season's greetings: create a collaborative gift calendar)

    January - February: collaborative creative writing

    PAGE 4. Team up: find your co-authors

    PAGE 5. Fill in your team's treasure chest and get writing! (one sub-page per team)

    March: creation of the audio-book

    PAGE 6. Turn your collaborative short story into an audiobook

    April: pre-publishing activities

    PAGE 7. Get ready to publish: create the trailers and the quizzes, choose the illustrations, and create the e-book

    PAGE 8. Create and vote for the project logo and the book cover

    May: reading, peer-assessment and award ceremony

    PAGE 9. Enjoy the result: read your ebook, listen to your audiobook!

    PAGE 10. Proofread before the final publishing

    PAGE 11. Give your opinion on the outcome of the project

    PAGE 12. Take part in the award ceremony on June 1st

    PAGE 13. Evaluate your participation in the project