• Hi everybody! Welcome to your European digital classroom: Twinspace! Here you will be working together and collaborating closely throughout the school year.  
    First, take some time to introduce yourself, meet your project partners and get to know them better.
    1. Fill in your profile: choose a photo or avatar and tell your partners who you are and what is special about you - you can write 100 words only, make the most of it! How? Click on your name at the top, then "edit twinspace profile".
    2. Browse the profiles of your partners to learn about them. You can get in touch by writing a wall post.3. Take a look at the map to know where your partners are. Feeling curious? Go to forum #1 and start the discussion! :-)

    4. Take some time to fill in this (short) questionnaire about your attitudes towards creative writing. 

    5. Results of the survey