• 1. First step as a team: create your "treasure chest"!

    Add in it all the treasures you'd like your team-mates to use as they write their parts of the story: a favourite quote from a book or a film, a line from a song, a favourite word, a word you like the sound of, a painting or a photo, a sound or piece of music, etc.

    Also, suggest a type of story, a time, a place, a protagonist, maybe the first line of the story.

    Possible types of stories: a fable, a fairy tale, an epistolary story, a diary, a detective story, .........

    2. Second step: read the story as it gets written, react in the forum, write when it's your turn to write, and have fun! :-)

    Remember your short story will get published, so make sure you do your very best!


    read again these 5 great tips to write a short story: http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/writing/2015/08/five-things-writing-a-short-story

    this story map can be useful: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/story-30008.html

    the plot as a pyramid: http://www.ohio.edu/people/hartleyg/ref/fiction/freytag.html

    Golden rules:

    - you must use the "treasures" left in the chest by your team-mates and integrate them into the story (use a different colour).

    - you cannot use your own "treasures"

    - you can use each treasure only once

    - each part = 150-250 words max. There will be 8 parts in total in your story (4 countries, 2 writing rounds)

    - always read carefully what has been written by your team-mates so far so as to make it all coherent

    - be flexible and adapt, and be supportive and encouraging: that's the key to sucessful co-writing!

    - stick to the deadlines!


    Add your treasures to the chest by January 15th.

    Writing schedule:

    first round

    16/01 - 22/01



    23/01 - 29/01



    30/01 - 05/02



    6/02 - 12/02



    second round

    13/02  - 19/02


    20/02 - 26/02



    27/02 - 05/03



    06/03 - 12/03