Infographic selection

  • Now we have a nice set of infographics picturing teenagers' learning problems and their possible solutions. In your opinion, which one is the best?


    Have a careful look at all of them here, leave some comments to tell your partners what you like about their work (sign them!), which aspect was particularly well realised; then vote for your favorite here.


    Elements to take into account:

    Remember: infographics are graphic visual representations of information intended to present information quickly and clearly: is this the case?

    - is the infographic visually attractive?

    - is the information  resented in a clear well-organised way?

    - does the infographic clearly show the main learning issues identified thanks to your survey?

    - does the infographic provide us with some useful study tips / solutions to learn more efficiently?

    - is the English language globally correct so as to make it easy to understand?

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