• Our online survey "The way you study, the way you learn" has collected almost 400 responses in the 4 countries! Now it's time to work in teams to analyze and interpret the findings. 256 respondents think it's hard to be a student! Let's try and offer some help to make their lives easier.
    As a conclusion of this activity, each team will contribute their tips and suggestions to create one common Problem-solution infographic.




    Study the survey results:  Summary of responses. Note the most popular responses but also look out for surprises.

    B) Go to your team's FORUM thread to discuss the results of the survey with your team-mates. Use the questions below to help you:

    • What strikes you most in the results?
    • Can you identify the most serious issues you peers have with learning and studying?
    • How can we improve our learning experience? How can we study smarter, not necessarily harder.
    • What possible solutions to those problems can we suggest? What new techniques can we adopt


    Go to your team's page and write your ideas in the table. Try to recap the conclusions about the results of the survey together with suggested solutions. You could come up with Top Study Tips for young people to help them work in a well-organized and competent way.

    Use one of these design apps to share your ideas visually - produce a beautiful, high-quality graphic:

    Piktochart link

    easel.ly  link

    You can use the account created by teachers (in that case be extra careful and don't delete other groups' work!), or create your own account but in that case you will need to share the login and password with the members of your team (on your team's page).

    Give your infographic your team's name when you save it (team 1, team 2, etc), so that your team-mates can find it easily and contribute to it. This is a collaborative effort!

    •  Use your TEAMs' SUB- PAGES in activity 6 to work on your Infographic.
    • Use TEAMWORK FORUM  to communicate and discuss your ideas/work with your team-mates.