• Now you have analyzed the survey results, noticed the learning difficulties that young people have and offered some tips. 


    As the last challenge of the project, the teams will create some super-exciting learning activities, materials, and tutorials for their peers to recommend efficient ways of learning a foreign language. You will explain how using those techniques will improve their lives and help them to be great students to encourage everybody to try them out.

    Here is what to do:

    Create the content that engages multiple senses (more than one) to help you remember more.

    Use the multimedia ( the combination of text-image-audio-video-animation) to make your production more attractive

    TASK : Work together in cross-class teams to create activities and multimedia materials. 

    A) Check out TOOLBOX 2  for the list of suggested activities and recommended tools. 

    B) Watch TOOLBOX 2 video examples for inspiration and share your reflections in the teams' forum threads.

    C) Discuss in teams' forum and decide on your production. Plan how you are going to share responsibilities and include all the members of your team.

    There are three options to choose from:

    1. You can record a short tutorial to give some advice about learning English in a smart way, explaining how using more effective techniques can make a difference in your peers' lives.
    2. You can record "before/after videos" to contrast ineffective and effective study habits; show a learning problem "before" and "after" you use your suggested solution.
    3. You can create some quizzes, games and other multimedia materials using effective techniques.

     Use your teams' sub-pages in activity 6 to work on your creation and forum pages to communicate with your team-mates.

    Your productions here: https://padlet.com/CC/see_it_productions

    Your kahoots & games here: https://padlet.com/iwjo/games

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