• By means of an online questionnaire, let's find out how the students in our four schools feel about their schooling and their results; is there a clear correspondence between work done and knowledge achieved? Is it a satisfactory experience?


    1. Think of key questions to complete each section of the questionnaire aimed at determining how students manage their learning process. Each country will be in charge of one section:

    Spain, 1. Personal commitment.

    France, 2. Lessons and work done at school.

    Poland, 3. Homework and studying habits.

    Italy, 4. Effort investment and personal performance.

    Remember that you can make different types of questions: multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-down or linear scale. Choose the most convenient type for the information required.

    2. From all the questions suggested, make a selection of the best three to get them inserted in the questionnaire. 

    3. When it is ready, it will be published online to collect as much information as possible for further analysis of results.

    Link to share with your friends to collect answers: http://bit.ly/study-survey

    Summary of responses