• You are going to communicate and collaborate with your European partners for a few months:

    more than 100 students will work together on this Twinspace!

    What is netiquette?

    What is your digital dossier? Watch the video. Think about it when you go online, keep control over your digital identity!


    In your opinion, which rules should we all follow to make this learning experience the best one possible? What are the conditions we need in order to work successfully here together?

    Write your ideas on the tricider.

    - left column for new ideas

    - middle column to agree, disagree (with arguments) or develop an idea already given by a partner

    - right column to vote for the best ideas AT THE END OF THIS ACTIVITY (your teacher will tell you when the votes are open).

    If a window pops up, don't sign in, just click on "no, thank you".


    We will create a poster based on your ideas.