• It's time to team up for the next steps of our project.
    From now on you will work as part of an international team of the students from France, Italy, Poland and Spain. Each team will work towards the same goal and support each other in reaching it. Use the team's forum thread to communicate and discuss your ideas and the team's sub-page to create your productions.
    Check your page regularly and keep your team-mates updated about your work progress so that they can contribute and help.
    It's a good idea to use different colours for different countries when writing.
    This is a unique opportunity for you so make the most of it! Good luck!

    Click on the word "Team" to go straight to your team's forum thread.

    Team 1 Paulina, Ola A, Lorenzo, Rosa, David, Judie, Chaltiel, Martine

    Team 2 Kuba, Marcin, ,  Nicolas, Riccardo Gr., María, Pablo V, Nicolas, Alexis, Paul P.

    Team 3Julia Mi, Ola S,  Eddy, Gabriele, Alejandro, Pablo, Hubert, Léa F., Perle

    Team 4 :  Piotr, Adam, Eugenio, Irene, Clara, Marine, Clément, Léa B.

    Team 5Dominika, KasiaAndrea T, Jacopo, Jorge, Miguel, Mandana, Paul L., Hugo

    Team 6Natalia, Sebastian, , Ali, Maria del Mar, María José, Thelma, Roxanne, Léonore

    Team 7Jakub W, Oliwia, Wiktoria, Alessandro, Paola, Alexandra, Léonie, Alexandra, Esteban

    Team 8Karolina, Michał, Jakub S, Kamila, Andrea V., Irene, Isabel, Sam, Tom, Evren

    Team 9Maja, Julia Z, Cristina, Riccardo Gu, Paolo, Jacky, Sami

    Team 10 : Michał, Andżelika, Noemi, Davide, Antonio, Paula, Xuxu, Ramzi, Yohan

    Team 11 : Wiktoria P, Julia St, Jola, Michele, Cristian, Jules, Aymeric, Asham

    Team 12 : Mikołaj, Jakub L-O, Agnieszka, Luisa, Marta, Patricia, Alison, Flavie, Agathe