• December 2016: Code Bucket Challenge!

    preparing the binary record with the names of our countries, creating Christmas and New Year ecards with binary record

    PHASE 1: Collaborative Symbaloo

    • All partners are collaborating on this Symbaloo to share interesting websites regarding coding process!

    PHASE 2: Setting Up the Code Bucket Challenge

    • The students of each school are  divided into 4 groups (KiloByte Team, MegaByte Team, GigaByte Team, TeraByte Team). Each group will challenge the partners' group having the same group name, creating that way 4 international groups of students. For example, the KiloByte team of the 1st PS of Metamorfosis, will challenge the 4 other KiloByte teams of the partners' schools and will also have to accept challenge from those teams!
    • The challenge is about creating coded messages using different codes (Morse code, ASCII code, QR code and binary coded image) and asking the students of partners' shools to break the code.



    • Students will use the web tools of the Symbaloo  as well as tuturials made from teachers  (
    • We used the free Web2 Online diagram software Cacoo το set up our challenge. Each international team  had it's own Cacoo (KilobyteTeamMegabyteTeam, Gigabyte Team and Terabyte Team) to challenge and be challenged. All Cacoo diagrams were half filled up by teachers so students of each school knew exactly  where to  put their codes and answers. 
    • The main goal was to introduce students in the digital world and especially to understood the meaning and importance of the bit by envolving them into fun, creatives, challenging, problem solving activities. Working both in groups and internatioanal teams, students were able to collarobate, exchange ideas, chat, debate and make decisions regarding to their tasks. 
    • The first shared Cacoo diagram was about setting up the internationals groups. Students wrote their names in each group, and started to learn about each other!

    PHASE 3: Running the Code Bucket Challenge

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