Through this project students will get familiar with one of the fundamental terms in computer science, a binary digit (bit). In cooperation with European partners, by learning through games and various fun activities, students will understand the meaning and importance of the bit. Our students are digital natives and we would like to encourage the ...

Project Journal

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  • MIPRO 2018 - 41st International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, Conference CE - Computers in Education, Opatija, Croatia.

    The paper about the eTwinning project Zero-One: I. Naranđa (Primary School Vladimir Nazor Pribislavec, Croatia) "Učenje u ozračju međunarodne suradnje i igre".


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  • Article in the digital journal for educational professionals "Pogled kroz prozor":
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  • The printed edition of Croatian weekly magazine for education "Školske novine", Zagreb, 12 December 2017:


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  • Our school website, about eTwinning conference in Turkey:
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