• school year 2016/2017 - activities for each month


    October 2016:

      partners’ introduction and initial questionnaire
      (we want to know whether our students have already heard of the term bit)


    November 2016:

      participating in logo contest (creating a logo and choosing the best one)


    December 2016:

    preparing the binary record with the names of our countries, creating Christmas and New Year ecards with binary record


    January and February 2017:

    introduce our students with augmented reality


    March 2017:

    write a collaborative story explaining the binary code


    April 2017:

    creating online games (crosswords, word search, quizzes…)


    May 2017:

    the final presentation of the project and the evaluation of the project


    June 2017:

    the publication of the final articles about the project and the results of the evaluation,
    the completion of the project