Wojtek the Soldier Bear

The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’. This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War. He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo. Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England. Pupils will learn history and develop their creativ...

Students' Reflections

I like Wojtek's story a lot! I also liked all the competitions during the project, especially the one for Wojtek's figure. The video call was a great experience for me. I am very sorry Wojtek died, because I'd really like to meet him. Now, I would like to visit Edinburgh and see Wojtek's monument there. It could be a very interesting trip. (Magda, Year 4)

I like the project about Wojtek. The best parts of the book for me were when Wojtek was playing in water and when he was playing in the sea in Italy - when he frightened the girls there. (Weronika, Year 4)

The project about Wojtek has been amazing - Wojtek was a crazy and funny bear. I am very sorry he isn't among us any more. I like the book a lot. I like the adventures with the monkey - Wojtek was afraid of her, very funny. (Julia, Year 4)

I have liked the projek "Wojtek the Soldier Bear" a lot. I enjoyed drawing logo and the drawings about Wojtek's life. I am fascinated by the Wojtek's story and my friend Nikola's winning logo. I loved getting the letters from English students and writing them back. (Daria, Year 4)

I love the project about Wojtek, especially when we were listening to our teacher reading it and we were drawing pictures with Wojtek. wojtek was very funny. I love the scene when Wojtek stuck in the kitchen window. I was amuzing when Wojtek was smoking/eating cigarettes and when he stole the women's underwear. I am very sorry Wojtek has already died. I like my friend's winning logo. (Martyna K., Year 4)

I like the project a lot. While we were working on the project we were making Wojtek's figures and we were drawing the pictures, what I loved. I also liked reading the book and writing a letter to Aileen Orr, the author of the book "Wojtek the Bear. Polish War Hero" and making the bookmarks. (Nikola Sz., Year 5)

This project was great! I enjoyed drawing pictures from Wojtek's life. I like the book and I am very sorry the end of it is so sad and Wojtek dies. (Oskar, Year 4)

I liked when we were writing the key parts of the book and drawing the pictures of Wojtek's life. The book is fantastic - funny, interesting and sad at the end, because Wojtek goes to the Zoo and dies there. Writing letters to English penfriends was great! I am happy I could meet the English students on a video call and speak English to them. The whole project was cool! (Martyna, Year 4)

I loved when we were drawing logo and pictures, voting for the best logo. I am happy I could know the history of Wojtek. (Natalia, Year4)

In the project I was happy I could draw Wojtek the bear and find out about his life. I liked when we were writing the key parts and then we could see our pictures with English students music - we made a book! Wow! Everything in the project was great! (Hania, Year 4)

I am happy I could write a letter to the author of the book about Wojtek. I liked drawing the pictures - when Wojtek stole the underwear and when he stayed in a wooden shed on the farm in Scoltland. (Martyna S.)

I liked the project about Wojtek the soldier bear, even though I had to do my best to draw the pictures. I love Aileen Orr's book. I am very sorry Wojtek died. I'd really like to meet him. (Marta, Year 4)

I liked making Wojtek's figure. The book is very interesting indeed. (Adrian, Year 4)

Author: Anna Szczepaniak
Last editor: Anna Szczepaniak