Wojtek the Soldier Bear

The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’. This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War. He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo. Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England. Pupils will learn history and develop their creativ...

Project Journal

  • Our project features in the 2018 eTwinning book: 'Learning from the past, designing our future: Europe's cultural heritage through eTwinning.'


    - Posted by Diana Linford, 26.10.2018

  • I was interviewed yesterday by a journalist in Brussels, via skype, who wanted to find out about our 'Wojtek the Soldier Bear' eTwinning project! The journalist is called Irene Giuntella. She is going to write about our project and the article will be published by the European Commission on their website.

    Brussels skype interview.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 17.07.2018

  • I gave a workshop about eTwinning to trainee teachers at Leeds Trinity University yesterday, 21 June 2018, and I talked about our lovely project! The students had temporary logons to the project and got lots of ideas to use in projects in the future. They really liked the idea of designing the logo at the beginning of the project.

    Workshop Leeds Trinity University June 2018.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 22.06.2018

  • About Wojtek's success we can read in local media in Dzierżoniów.

    press release in Dzierżoniów.jpg

    - Posted by Anna Szczepaniak, 22.06.2018

  • You can watch the award ceremony with a film about Wojtek...

    - Posted by Anna Szczepaniak, 18.06.2018