Wojtek the Soldier Bear

The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’. This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War. He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo. Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England. Pupils will learn history and develop their creativ...

Writing to Aileen Orr

We decided that we would write to Aileen Orr the author of the book 'Wojtek The Bear: Polish War Hero' to tell her how much we have enjoyed finding out about Wojtek.  We also wanted to tell her about our eTwinning project.

Year 4 at Eastburn have written this letter;


Year 4 and 5 at Dzierżoniów have written letters and made bookmarks as well.

Aileen Orr received our letter and wrote via Facebook: Just received them  (the letters) on Friday, absolutely fantastic. It makes writing the story all worth while.

Author: Diana Linford
Last editor: Anna Szczepaniak