Project plan

  • Overview of project:

    The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’.  This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War.  He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo.  Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England.  Pupils will learn history and develop their creativity.

    There will be a Project Diary, to chart progress in the project.  This will be public.


    Work process:

    1 Project introduced to pupils

    2 Logo design competition (upload by 30 Sept)

    3 Pupils research the history of Wojtek, particularly through reading the same book “Wojtek the Bear: Polish War Hero” by Aileen Orr.

    4 Various activities:

    • Writing letters (eg as soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps where Wojtek was/ or/and letters from Wojtek)
    • Making Wojtek’s figures / drawings (then exhibitions)
    • Making comics of Wojtek’s story
    • Creating music about Wojtek
    • In Poland students will make presentations about WW2 (especially Anders’ Army and General Anders himself)
    • reflecting on issues in PHSE lessons (personal, health, social education)

    5 Video call to share our learning with the other schools

    6 Project diary – ongoing through the project: linked from school websites so parents can access

    7 Various IT tools will be integrated into the project

    8 Pupils will reflect on their learning in the project share these reflections on the Twinspace.

    9 Teachers will also reflect on the benefits of participating in the project.

    10 ebook created from the project.