Some passages to read from the Wojtek story

  • We particularly like the following sections of the story (pages from the Aileen Orr book):

    p14-15 Aileen, aged 8, sees Wojtek in Edinbugh Zo
    p24: the Polish soldiers buy the bear cub
    p33: Wojtek tries to escape
    p36: Christmas feast
    p37 catching the spy
    p39 the other bear

    p43-45 Monte Cassino - W helps out
    p51 another account to verify the story
    chapter 6 about rationing + Scoland - esp p57, 59, 61, 68
    and the attitude towards Polish men in Sotland, esp p72, 75
    p83 swimming
    p106 onwards, what to do with W after war... Edinburgh zoo p106-110, 114
    p117 bears on memorial
    p123 model of statue