• On 14 June 2018 "Wojtek the Soldier Bear" won the National eTwinning Prize in Poland in category Cultural Heritage.

    Our Wojtek project (an exhibition and the video call) in the film recorded to celebrate 55th anniversary of SP9 Dzierżoniów:

    After our videomeeting on 20th January 2017 an article about our project was published on Dzierżoniów town website:


    In school in Dzierżoniów an exhibition about ;Wojtek the Soldier Bear' was set up.

    A display with most logos drawn by Polish students at SP9 Dzierżoniów:


    The story of our project has been published in two local papers in England:

    Keighley News:



    The Craven Herald




    The project has also been used as an example of good practice in eTwinning training sessions, including at the international PDW on Literacy in eTwinning projects, Newcastle, May 2017.  The project was showcased in a workshop about using books within literacy projects:


    The project was also showcased in a school training workshop in Leeds in May 2017:


    Display at UK national eTwinning conference to include: